VendemmiaDocumentary Film


Produced in conjunction with Harvest Films and Lighthorse Productions
now available on DVD

The Cinque Terre of Italy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, welcomes approximately three million tourists to its idyllic, coastal villages and vineyards each year, but not without challenge and potential threat to its environment. Remarkable efforts to balance ecological and historical preservation with eco-tourism in this jewel of the Italian Riviera have been threatened in recent years by politics and environmental disaster. The documentary film VENDEMMIA explores the modern-day fight for sustainable tourism, cultural preservation, and environmental balance as the villages of the Cinque Terre face an uncertainty marked by political change, natural disaster, and conflicting goals. Through the eyes of its extraordinary residents and also those standing on the outside, anxiously observing the area's rapid-fire transformation as a new landscape emerges, VENDEMMIA explores the essential question: Is it possible to preserve the future without sacrificing the past?

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Vendemmia is "...a superior work: complete, honest, beautiful and courageous...a very meaningful work for our country, to tell the story of the Cinque Terre, but also to demonstrate how one can work to transform a territory of marginal importance into one of Italian excellence."

- Sebastiano Venneri, Vice President, Legambiente


"An inspiring documentary film about a small surviving community in Italy, told with simple and touching words by the real people who fight to preserve its identity and environment."

- Christian Nicoletta, Ligurian Filmmaker